A Day in the Life with Amy Wilce from The Casino MK

Wed 20 Nov 2013

Family chat that led to high flying career in the world of cards and chips

Amy Wilce really did not know what she wanted to do in life, only that she did not want to spend it sitting behind a desk in an office.  Her family suggested she look for work at a casino in her home town, and from there her meteoric rise has taken her into the realms of senior management at The Casino MK at the tender age of twenty-nine.

“As Gaming Manager I’m responsible for the day-to-day operation of a whole collection of different games in one area known as a “pit,”” she says.  I have to keep an eye on several games at once including roulette, blackjack, three card poker and so on.  Each table has a supervisor and a dealer but they come to me if they have any problems.”

Amy started out as a dealer and was closely involved with training twenty-five of the new staff recruited in and around Milton Keynes.  “They’re a great bunch and they’re picking things up really well,” Amy says.  “A lot of people wouldn’t realise how much goes into being a dealer.  You’ve got to have a great personality to make it fun for the customers but probably the most important thing is to have an excellent memory.  Nobody wants to be standing there waiting for their winnings or for the next game while the dealer works out in their head how much a winning bet is worth.  You have to memorise the most common pay-outs to keep the game moving.”

Amy says for a lot of customers playing to win is secondary to just having a good time.  “People are there to be entertained,” she says, “so you’ve got to make sure they’re having fun.  That’s one of the good things about being in Milton Keynes; people here certainly know how to enjoy themselves.”

Amy’s husband also works in the industry so there are no prizes for guessing what they talk about even when they are away from work.  She says that if they are on holiday out of the country and there’s a casino nearby she will always go for a game of blackjack.  Many people in the industry work all over the world particularly on cruise liners.  Amy says, “I did try it but it’s not for me.  I suppose I just prefer the atmosphere of a land-based casino.  It’s just a really fun job.”

Having progressed so far and so fast in the industry Amy is determined to keep her feet on the ground.  “Of course I would love to be a General Manager with my own casino one day,” she says, “but for now I’m concentrating at doing this job as well as I can and to learn as much as possible.”  That said, nobody is betting against her reaching the very top.

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