A Level dropout rates represent crisis for teenagers

Mon 15 Sep 2014

In the last few weeks thousands of young people returned to schools across the country to start exciting new A Level studies but almost a third of them will not complete their course.  Research from the Policy Exchange think-tank released last year showed that of the three hundred thousand students who begin courses each year about one hundred thousand dropout.  The cost to the taxpayer is a staggering £300m per year.

Milton Keynes College Principal Dr Julie Mills says, “It’s heart-breaking but we know that over the next few months we will see a steady stream of young people who’ve started A Levels at school, often with enthusiasm and high expectations, only to become disillusioned with either the course or the environment in which they’re working.  What’s worse is the ones who arrive at seventeen having “stuck it out” for a year before walking away.  They end up a year behind their age group with all the risks that entails in terms of funding for studies beyond A Level.”

It is precisely these people the College is hoping to reach with its upcoming Advisory Day event being held 17th September 4-7pm at the Chaffron Way campus.  Dr Mills says the message is that if things are already not working out in sixth form it is not too late to make a change of direction.

“We have an incredible range of full and part-time courses, academic and vocational, for young people to consider.  All too often they are not made aware of all the possibilities open to them and that’s why we set so much store by our highly accredited information, advice and guidance team.  So often teenagers are told, ‘These are the courses we offer – pick one.’  The question they should be asked is, ‘What do you want to do with your life?’  Then we can talk to them about the options available to them which lead towards that goal.”

Anyone who is uncertain about the sixth form course they have started and would like a different perspective is welcome to come to the event.

It is never too late to make the right move, so to find out more visit: http://www.mkcollege.ac.uk/listing/open-events/detail/its-not-too-late or call 01908 688222

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