Big Banking Boss Talks Business With MK College Students


High financier, business boss, tech wizard or charity worker; these are just some of the jobs open to people taking up a career in banking according to one of Santander’s top directors.  Students on the Level 3 ATT Accounting course at Milton Keynes College were invited to attend a presentation given by the Director of Strategy and Corporate Development, Joaquin Alzamora.  He also told the students that the company is at the forefront of providing top jobs for high-flying women.
Around twenty lucky students all armed with questions and curiosity attended the talk about the big, controversial, world of global banking. Alzamora was quick to dispel the stereotypes a career in banking may carry with it.   “We haven’t sold our souls for big bucks,” read one slide. “It is not a tough environment for women,” he stated, using Chair and former CEO of Santander Ana Botin as a shining example of a female succeeding in a once male-dominated industry.
College Principal Dr Julie Mills added “This is a great example of how Milton Keynes College is always striving to build those vital links with business.  We pride ourselves on the employability of the people who complete their studies with us and giving them this kind of insight into one of the most important industrial sectors in the British economy is priceless.  People in industry would love to be able to buy a ticket to hear someone as senior as Señor Alzamora speak so we’re really grateful to him for finding the time to talk to our students who learnt a great deal.”
Variety was very much on Señor Alzamora’s agenda.   Originally from Spain, he spoke of how after years of working through a whole host of job roles within Santander, he has found himself here in the UK and that this varied way of working, finding what area of the industry suits you, is something Santander encourages from their staff.
He went on to explain the different options the students are faced with when entering into a career with a company like Santander.  “Banking offers so many different career paths such as customer relations, charity, working with the government, working in our risk departments, human resources, technology.   With huge advances in the digital age, now more than ever banks are looking for the young talent to fill these gaps”.
For the MK College students it was this rich variety of career options that got them talking.   Clark Davis is seventeen and studying Accounting and Finance at Level 3.  He said “I always knew that studying something like finance gave us a lot of options but I wasn’t aware of all of the different job roles and career opportunities within banking that have been discussed today.  I eventually want to run my own business but it’s always useful to come to talks like this and be reminded that in any area of business just how customer focused you always need to be.”
When speaking of his time studying at the College, and how equipped he feels to enter into the world of work, Clark said “Being in the College environment really inspires me, being around different kinds of people with different skills. It’s again that variety that seems to spark new ideas.”

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