Brooklands wins yet another award

Mon 12 Dec 2011

The Brooklands development in Milton Keynes has won yet another accolade, this time taking a silver medal at the What House? Awards at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

The prize was won in the category of Best Landscape Design in which the judges’ eyes were caught by the Brooklands Ridge and Meadows Park.

Constructed from a million cubic metres of earth and three and a half kilometres  in length when completed in eighteen months time,  the Brooklands Ridge both shields the desirable new development from the noise of the M1 Motorway and provides a highly attractive landscaping feature. 

The Meadows combines beauty, environmental benefits and sustainable urban drainage to stunning effect.  The Meadows Park has been designed with reference to the way water flows and the shapes it creates in the land through its movement.  The design includes a number of pools with planting that attract and provide habitat for wildlife, birds and insects. 

To the residents of Brooklands, these man-made features simply add to the pleasure of living there providing open green space for leisure.  Combined, the two features provide thirty acres to roam along and between six kilometres of pathways and thirty thousand newly planted trees.

Simon Elcock, Project Director at developer Places for People says, “It’s always gratifying to win these kinds of awards because it’s a pat on the back for all the individuals who have contributed to making Brooklands what it is today.  The biggest accolade, however, comes from the constant stream of people who keep on coming to us wanting to live here.  They don’t call it an award-winning development; they call it home.”

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