College breaking ground in empowerment and enterprise

Thu 12 Dec 2013

Entrepreneurship and empowerment were the themes at the launch of the Milton Keynes College Student Union and Student Shack.

The Student Union is the first of its kind in Milton Keynes and will form a key part of student representation at the College.  It will give members a platform from which to raise important issues as well as putting on events and helping with general welfare.

One such opportunity is the new Student Shack. Set up with support from John Lewis and Travis Perkins, the student-led shop, on the Chaffron Way campus, will sell items created by students and help support them kick start their own businesses.

Dr Julie Mills, Principal and CEO of the College, was one of those who spoke at the launch: “It’s fantastic that we’re linking our NUS launch with our Student Shack as they’re both about students driving things forward. Students are empowered to engage and develop their skills, and our role is to support them.”

The Mayor of Milton Keynes, Councillor Brian White was present for the ribbon cutting, and was full of support for the student shop and the NUS: “It’s going to help students an awful lot, because those who participate in the NUS not only learn how to do a range of things, but learn more about themselves as they go through college”.

“Milton Keynes has weathered the recession better than a lot of other places, because it’s had an enterprising attitude, good leadership and the foresight to recognise that young people have ideas and need to be nurtured. One of the biggest barriers to success is not believing, and this will give people that self-belief that they can achieve things”.

John Lewis, which donated all of the shelving for the shop, was represented at the launch by Anne Dodds, community liaison co-ordinator: “We have very strong values and believe it’s very important to pay back and help the community, particularly with the College. We have a lot of experience, and want to share that with young people.”

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