Down on the Brooklands Farm

Wed 03 Oct 2012


The children were introduced to farmer Nigel Richards and his son Tom who farm the land at Brooklands because when the new school year starts in September, life on the Brooklands Farm will be incorporated into the learning curriculum. 

Children will see ,  learn about  and experience first-hand  from growing  and harvesting wheat and barley,  hay making and  looking after  cattle . 

Head teacher, Maxine Lowe said, “There’s no better way for the children to learn than by seeing and touching things with their own eyes and hands and enriching the children’s learning experience in this way  fits so well with the ethos of our school, ‘weaving a learning journey’.  The children had a lovely time asking questions and climbing about on the tractor and are really excited about getting to know about life on the farm over the coming year.” 

Tom Richards said, “It’s always fun seeing how the children react to the machinery and to hear the things they want to know about.  It’s really important for them to have an idea of where their food comes from, to understand  what happens in  the fields around them and  the importance of farming to the local and national economy.” 

The Brooklands development has won a host of awards for developers, Places for People.  Project Director Simon Elcock says, “We were determined from the start that people who came to live at Brooklands whilst living in Milton Keynes, would also enjoy the many benefits of living in the countryside.  There are significant green spaces, meadows and streams incorporated into the design and we are delighted that our neighbours,  Nigel and Tom, who also farm our land, are working  closely with the children at Brooklands Farm Primary School - just one more example of why this is such a great place for families to live.”

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