Eat Up all your Greens

Thu 25 Mar 2010

For once, not eating their cabbage and crusts sent these youngsters to the top of the class at Hobbayne, Oaklands, Mayfield and Greenwood Schools.  The children watched with delight as their waste food was processed at one of BiogenGreenfinch’s state-of-the-art Anaerobic Digestion plants at Westwood in Northamptonshire

BiogenGreenfinch recycles all of Ealing Council’s food waste, collected from every doorstep in the borough.  Children from participating schools in Ealing were chosen to see the plant for themselves and to visit the arable and pig farming operations at sister company Bedfordia Farms.   

The fifteen children and their equally enthused teachers were treated to a tour of BiogenGreenfinch’s newest plant at Westwood in Northamptonshire where 45,000 tonnes of food waste is processed each year to produce enough electricity to power nearly 3,000 homes.  The same amount of food waste will also produce 35,000 tonnes of a rich biofertiliser which is spread onto 1,750 acres of growing crop, with nothing going to waste.

Phil Greenaway, National Local Authority Manager at BiogenGreenfinch said, “It’s good for children to see that recycling doesn’t have to stop at paper, glass and cans.  Food waste can be a source of renewable energy and this is something that will become increasingly important to future generations.”

The UK produces 7 million tonnes of domestic food waste a year, 600,000 tonnes of this is from London alone. BiogenGreenfinch works in partnership with Ealing, Hounslow, Richmond, Surrey and Islington Councils.

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