“First Lady of Digital Britain” and MK College to train online experts of the future

Mon 20 May 2013

Penny Power, one of the country’s most successful online entrepreneurs and the founder of Ecademy, the longest standing digital network for business, is joining forces with Milton Keynes College to train a new generation of internet business experts.

Milton Keynes College will be one of the first in the country to offer Social & Digital Media Apprenticeship courses.  Students will learn how to use sites like Twitter and Facebook for sales, marketing, networking and many other commercially vital areas.  The course has been designed by Mrs Power who is head of the Digital Youth Academy and a former government advisor on internet matters.  It aims to educate already internet-savvy young people to use their skills for business.

Adi Gupta, Head of Computing & IT at the College says, “The use of digital media is becoming an indispensable tool for businesses, especially in the SME sector.  To take full advantages of everything the modern internet can offer to a company it is really important to have staff who are completely comfortable in the digital world.  The course will benefit employers enormously as having this kind of cutting edge expertise in-house will potentially give them a real commercial edge.”

Apprentices will learn how to formulate a digital marketing strategy, increase sales and productivity and grow the business for which they work.  They will also be taught how to blog effectively, plan online content and produce digital newsletters. 

Adi says, “Young people are so comfortable with social media because they take it for granted as a normal and ever-present part of their lives.  What this apprenticeship will do is to allow them to use those skills they already have, to improve upon them and to make them work for them and their employers.”

Employers are being invited to a special launch event to hear Penny Power explain more.  It will be held at the College’s Chaffron Way campus on Monday 20 May at 5.30pm.

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