Ghostly gathering at The Hub

Mon 25 Oct 2010

Baron Von GrindleBaron Von Grindle
The world’s only inverted hanging vampire. Hanging upside down from a portable trapeze perch the Baron lies in wait. When a mortal comes within distance the vampire strikes, lunging out, startling the prey before him. The unsuspecting guest, once spooked, usually turns to make a hasty escape from the now visceral hissing creature.

Be prepared to be amazed as this vampire stalks his prey and scares them witless before returning to his perch to lie in wait for the next unsuspecting victim.

Bats on Stilts
You never know what will be lying in wait around the corner. These bats are truly larger than life and prey on unsuspected visitors, lurking the darkness waiting for their chance to strike. They often hunt in pairs, occasionally turning on each other in mock irritation.

Sexy, dangerous, sometimes cheeky but always prowling! Make sure you watch your back!

Dance Displays
Two local dance groups will be showing off their skills. Desperate2Dance and Frantic UK will bring The Hub to live with some Halloween themed routines throughout the evening.

Spooky Halloween Workshop
MK Play will be hosting a Halloween themed workshop for children of all ages to get into the spooky mood.

Competition time!
Come dressed up as a Ghost and you could be in with a chance of winning some big prizes! Plus you can enter our prize draw to win a fantastic The Hub:MK prize on the night.

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