Grisly murders foiled by College sleuths

Fri 04 Jul 2014

A Level Students at Milton Keynes College have cracked the gruesome case of a double murder at the Bletchley Campus.  The perpetrator was identified, tried and convicted (almost) all in the space of two days.

They were all taking part in the annual Murder Day activities where forensic scientists, lawyers, psychologists, sociologists and English students all come together to solve a major crime, just as if it had taken place in real life.

The “bodies” of two women were found at different locations on the College grounds and the students set to work gathering evidence which included blood, hair, maggots, cat hair and poisonous leaves, and the post mortems revealed that both had died from poison.

Four suspects were identified and interrogated using a variety of techniques while psychology students constructed FBI-style profiles of their personalities.  Journalists (English students) also got involved finding out what they could from the suspects and witnesses.  Once all involved had collated their results a certain, Mr Hyde, was taken into custody and as justice delayed is justice denied, put on trial the very next day.

In spite of testimony given in court by a number of witnesses under cross-examination the jury could not reach a unanimous verdict or indeed a suitable majority.  The judge declared that for justice to be served there would have to be a retrial.  However, rather more conveniently perhaps than in the real world, College staff were able to reveal at that point that Mr Hyde was in fact guilty as charged.

Deputy Director of Academic, Foundation & Care Studies, Duncan Lovell said, “All the students have a great time on Murder Day but it’s actually a really useful exercise where they can put everything they have learnt over the year into practice.  We try really hard to make sure the scenario’s as realistic as possible and it’s very satisfying to see them putting those skills to the test and coming up with the right answers.”

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