Groundbreaking recycling scheme in MK

Wed 03 Jul 2013

Smith Recycling, Milton Keynes leading recycling or waste management company is saving an incredible 70,000 tonnes of building waste a year from going to landfill at its Bleak Hall recycling site – enough to fill the MK Bowl.  Smith is the only company in the city capable of recycling local construction waste and the project is proving such a success that operations are having to be expanded onto a neighbouring site, bringing the total size to three acres.

National Recycling Week (17-23 June) coincided with this dramatic expansion in Smith’s capability to reuse extraordinary quantities of material which would previously have gone to landfill.  Unwanted rubble from construction and demolition is sorted at the state-of-the-art Bleak Hall plant ensuring that next-to-nothing is discarded:

  • Timber – is a valuable energy resource sent to be processed into RDF (refuse derived fuel) and shredded for reuse as animal bedding on a local farm
  • Plastics – are sold on the existing market for reforming into new products.  In the future it is hoped these can be milled into granules on site, providing a more desirable product and significantly reducing the number of lorry journeys required to transport it
  • Metals – are reprocessed into new products
  • Cardboard – is baled, dried then packed into containers before distribution for treatment
  • Magazines – treated and  reverted back into paper for re-use
  • Green waste – much of which comes from domestic green bins collected from households on behalf of MK Council is currently sent for composting and used in local agriculture.  Eventually it is planned to divert this to an Anaerobic Digestion Plant for the generation of electricity and the production of non-petroleum based fertiliser
  • Nylon bags – huge plastic sacks for delivering tonnes of bricks and blocks to builders are also recycled
  • Plaster board – old plaster board is collected and turned back into.. new plaster board!

    Smith Recycling provides a fast, affordable same day/next day skip hire service across Milton Keynes, Bedford, Buckinghamshire and the local region for domestic and trade customers alike.  If you are looking for skip hire from a reliable, well-established local company, the team at Smith can discuss your project needs and offer affordable solutions.
    Director Luke Smith says, “We have a company motto which is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and it’s something we try to live by in everything we do.  We’re proud to be the only company in the city able to offer this facility and we’re forever looking for ways to cut out waste-to-landfill altogether.  We believe that every little helps when it comes to sustainable waste management, and it’s great to think we’re saving a Bowl-sized hole in the ground every year from being filled with materials which could have a new useful life.”  
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