MK College announces unique business growth opportunity

Tue 18 Feb 2014

Milton Keynes College is joining forces with local consultancy, Glorious Day, to create a unique growth opportunity for local businesses.  The two organisations have already run a series of extremely well-received ’taster’ workshops at the College’s Silbury Campus, attended by over 50 local companies. 

The initiative takes advantage of the state-of-the-art facilities at the College’s Business and Leadership Centre in Silbury Boulevard, to explain Glorious Day’s Commercial Breakthrough process, which derives its effectiveness from the ‘Inadvertent’ Saboteur behavioural change tool. 

Laurence Coen, founder of Glorious Day, and former Marketing Director of Guinness GB, explains his creation as follows, “If business success really was as easy as setting a vision and strategy, briefing your teams, and working towards your goals over time, offering each other encouragement and corrective feedback as you go, then we’d all be billionaires already.  Clearly, there’s something else going on, a less-than-obvious phenomenon at work, something that I call The ‘Inadvertent’ Saboteur, AKA the invisible and indiscriminate protector of all things as they are, starting with your own self-image.”

Together, Milton Keynes College and Glorious Day aim to eradicate this unhelpful character from Milton Keynes, and, by doing so, not just grow a small number of local businesses, but grow the economy of the entire city. 

Director of Business Engagement, Marketing & Communications for Milton Keynes College, Jane Horridge, said, “I’m thrilled Laurence and Spencer at Glorious Day have chosen to go into partnership with the College on this exciting venture. Their grounding-breaking business tool has already proved hugely successful in helping major businesses eliminate stifling constraints on their ambition.  As an education provider, encouraging and nurturing ambition in our students is something we’re passionate about, and to be able to be part of something which can help to grow the local economy too is a great opportunity for us.”

Silbury Campus will act as a base from which Glorious Day will operate in the city and allow the partnership to develop some of the rich relationships with trusted organisations built up by the College over many years – especially since the launch of the Business and Leadership Centre last year.  Jane added, “The key to this initiative’s success is to engage as many businesses as possible – there’s room for more in the programmes we’ve established, and it’s a unique opportunity to take advantage of the kind of consultancy expertise that, normally, only the multi-national corporations can afford”.

Spencer Garner from Glorious Day, concludes, “If your business isn’t growing, you might think it’s down to the economy or the competition or the weather, or some other external factor, but it’s much more likely to be because you are unwittingly serving your personal and company saboteurs more than you are serving your customers.  And if your business is already growing, and you haven’t dealt with your inadvertent saboteurs, then you can certainly grow faster, or less painfully, by doing so”.

If you would like to find out more information about the training and services offered at Silbury Campus, please contact Kaye Dwight, or see For more information about dealing with the ‘Inadvertent’ Saboteur, please visit

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