MP to see Art World work experience at first hand

Thu 11 Sep 2014

Milton Keynes North MP, Mark Lancaster, is to visit the vibrant Arts Central tomorrow (Friday 12th September 4.15pm) where he will see how Milton Keynes College students studying creative arts courses are provided with “industry work experience.”

“It’s not quite as straightforward as it is with our hairdressing or catering students,” says Maria Bowness, Deputy Director of Creative and Service Industries at the College.  “We have our own professional commercial facilities The Graduate Hair and Beauty Salons and The Brasserie Restaurant where the students work in a real environment with members of the public as customers.  When it comes to the arts it takes a little more ‘creative thinking.’”

The solution has been found in a partnership with Arts Central whereby the College rents an available space at the site which students each have the opportunity to work in.  Whether they are involved with Fine Art, Craft or Graphic Design the students not only creative artist pieces but learn from those around them how to market directly to the public, aided by the College’s artists-in-residence.

Maria says, “Giving students employability skills is central to everything we do at the College and that includes the artists.  They’re briefed on what’s expected of them and they get the feel of what real working life is like for people like them.  The experience provides them with the knowledge and understanding of what sells and it’s obviously a great networking opportunity.  There are events and exhibitions they can take part in and workshops they can attend.  Essentially, it’s all about making sure they leave college with employability and industry skills as well as a certificate.”

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