Milton Keynes College Sends More Students than Ever on the Path to Success

Thu 20 Aug 2015

Learners from Milton Keynes College this week returned to both Chaffron Way and Bletchley campuses for the annual test of nerves that is GCSE Results Day.

While students up and down the country were opening their envelopes with the details of their various grades, this was a particularly crucial set of results for the learners from MK College, the majority of which were involved in a GCSE resit programme. While some may have previously sat the exams and were looking for a higher grade or pass, many had left school early or were yet to achieve their target grades.

And with more students than ever before sitting their exams at MK College, the performance of the learners exceeded all predictions, with unprecedented numbers heading off to continue their education journeys or start living out fresh plans for their careers.

MK College CEO and Principal Dr Julie Mills believes that the students receiving their grades today can be rightfully proud. She said: “Today can be seen as another landmark occasion, both for individual students collecting their GCSE results and the College as a whole.

“Many of the students who come to us to study their GCSEs will have overcome a variety of challenges and adversities just to start their courses and re-sit their exams, so for the College to play such a proactive part in helping people on their way to work or achieving their dreams is of huge importance to us.

“With recent changes in the educational landscape requiring more students to tackle GCSEs in English and Maths, the challenge for us been to ensure that we retain high standards of teaching provision. I believe that today’s results show that we continue to provide an excellent environment for our learners to develop the skills they need, ready for successful careers or the next step in their journey.”

Meanwhile, students collecting their results were understandably relieved and excited.
Keiron Wyllie, who was collecting his GCSE result in maths was feeling a mixture of delight and relief. He said: “I came here to pick up my results thinking the worst but at the same time kind of thinking good stuff. Came down, opened up my result and I’d passed.

“At the minute I’m not really happy in my job but I needed to get the maths result because to get another job you need English and maths. I passed my English first go, but now I’ve got maths I can go and do whatever job I want to do.

“What I do want to do is become a sound engineer so I need to do a music technology course but I want to do that once I’ve finished college, either sound engineering or production, but in the meantime I’m just going out into studios and working on recording sessions.”

Meanwhile, Nicola Bint was also collecting her results and was purely happy to get on to the next stage of her development. She commented: “It feels amazing because I didn’t think I was going to pass. I’m so happy because I can now stay on at College to do childcare.”

For students who may not have achieved the grades they were expecting, the College is able to offer an instant helping hand, thanks to a series of Advisory Days that commence today, on the back of GCSE results being collected.

Results Advisory Days are being held at the College’s Chaffron Way campus on Friday 21st August and Monday 24th August (both 10am to 4pm). In addition to receiving information and advice on their next steps, prospective students can even apply, interview and enrol in one sitting, making Advisory Days the most streamlined and straightforward way to continue in education.
For more information on Results Advisory Days at Milton Keynes College, call 01908 684444 or email

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