Milton Keynes College Students Record Rise in Top Grades

Thu 13 Aug 2015

Students from Milton Keynes College have today received their A and AS Level results, recording an increase in high level (A*-B) grades over 2014 – the first recorded increase since 2011 meaning more students are gaining better grades than ever before.

In particular, the College’s best performing courses this year were Economics & Business Studies and Sociology, demonstrating the development of skills in line with the requirements of modern economy and industry.

Milton Keynes College Principal and CEO, Dr Julie Mills, is understandably proud of the students’ achievements. She said: “Huge congratulations are due today for all our learners picking up their results.

“Exam results season can be a nerve-racking time for everyone involved, so for such a high number of students to be achieving or exceeding their expectations and taking the next step towards their chosen career gives all of us at Milton Keynes College immense satisfaction.

“Today is a great opportunity for us to reflect on the hard work that goes into achieving these results – primarily from our students but also our dedicated and passionate team of staff, alongside our network of employment partners. We are privileged to be able to work alongside some industry-leading businesses, allowing us to adapt our courses to suit their requirements and provide the students with a platform to flourish that might not be available to them elsewhere.

“With the receipt of today’s results, we can celebrate just how far all the students have come on their own individual journeys and the full range of skills they have developed, both in terms of gaining their qualifications but also preparing them for life, work and all the associated challenges.”

Many of the students collecting their results have achieved their grades in the face of adversity and after mixed experiences in their previous education, highlighting the diverse provision requirements faced by Milton Keynes College.

On receiving his A Level results, Ian Kelly said: “I’m very happy. I think it’s all very well deserved, it’s been a long time waiting for everything but now the pressure’s off and I can relax a little bit I think.

“Studying at College compared to school has really helped me in terms of developing my communication skills. Everyone here has treated me with lots of respect and I feel very comfortable all the time thanks to having so much support. In terms of the dynamics of how it’s worked, it’s been the best choice out of any school and I would highly recommend it to anyone that’s approaching the stage I was at two years ago.”

19-year-old mature student Isaac Sanctuary demonstrated with his AS Level results that College gives students a perfect opportunity to change direction and find their feet. He said: “After leaving school I worked for a few years and then I realised that if I wanted to get where I wanted to be in a career I had to get some qualifications.

“The College has really helped me – they have a great support system through all the teachers, all completely on the ball and they know what they’re doing. As a mature student, I really felt they structured how they taught me around my needs as I’m a little more independent I guess being older so their approach really worked for me.

“It was tough but worth it. I’m a bit shocked but really pleased. It was horrible building up to collecting my results this morning so it’s nice to get it over with – there was a lot of apprehension so I’m very pleased that I got what I wanted. I was expecting slightly lower grades than I got, so I’m glad I got slightly above what I wanted – it was a pleasant surprise.”

Fellow student Chantal Mikhaiel also had a lot to celebrate, exceeding her predicted grades and heading off to University. She commented: “I’m really pleased with my results. I got ABB and I only needed BBB to go to University and study Psychology.

“I think studying at College is a lot closer to University than being at school so I think it’s going to help because you’re a lot more independent at College.”

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