Milton Keynes College offers top class agency recruitment free to local business

Wed 27 Mar 2013

A new partnership aimed at bringing Milton Keynes College students closer to jobs and careers was officially launched today.  It is a new joint venture with recruitment specialists, the REED NCFE Partnership providing a free service to local business.

Known as ‘The Work Hive’, the REED NCFE jobs brokerage team will help students to get ahead of the competition in the hunt for work and will equip them with the training, advice and support they need to achieve their employment goals.  Employers who take part in the scheme committing to interviewing applicants from the College,  will not have to pay the usual recruitment fees.  Students will be able to carry on taking advantage of the partnership up to a year after they have left the College. 

The dedicated expert team, permanently based at Milton Keynes College, will offer students exclusive access to local vacancies and jobs which are rarely advertised.  The students will also receive tailored training in the specific skills they need for the world of work to ensure maximum employability. 

Research shows employers generally prize a good attitude to work more highly than an individual’s other skills.  In a recent survey of 1,264 employers conducted by REED, 97% put the workplace “mind-set” element ahead of skillset, as something they look for when recruiting.  In a further study of 30,000 CVs (comparing successful CVs against unsuccessful ones), REED found that demonstrating a workplace mind-set on a CV “tripled the chances of getting and keeping” the best jobs. The REED NCFE “Job Shop” and tailored training is designed around this concept.

Dr Ann Limb, OBE DL, Chair of SEMLEP (South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership) officially opened the REED NCFE office at the Chaffron Way Campus during a networking opportunity for local employers on Wednesday morning.

“This is a major investment by the college into its students’ future employability and is an exciting and innovative way of matching students to jobs, in turn helping boost the region’s economy” said Dr Limb. “It is wonderful to be part of this launch and congratulations to Milton Keynes College for leading the way and bringing employment experts in to the classroom.”

College Principal Dr. Julie Mills said, “All we ask in return from employers for taking advantage of this valuable offer is that they give us feedback on their new recruits, particularly their behavior and attitude in the workplace.  Research shows that business satisfaction with new employees from Colleges is about seventy-five per cent, as opposed to sixty-five per cent with those who join them from school.  At Milton Keynes College our target is to make that figure one hundred per cent.  It’s important for employers to know that we’re also very open to the idea of finding part-time work for students.  It can be crucial for young people to be able to contribute financially at home while they’re learning. We are one of only ten Colleges in the UK to offer this service and we are excited about the opportunities it provides for our students and employers.”

Tom Millar a director of REED NCFE, said: “A lot of people think there is very little work out there for young people but actually there are hundreds of jobs just waiting for the right person.  Since the launch of the partnership in January 2012 at Bournemouth and Poole College, the service has had an average of 200 live vacancies each month, placing hundreds of students in employment at the end of their college courses. We hope and expect the same success for Milton Keynes College.”

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