Milton Keynes New Community Champions

Thu 02 Jun 2011

The youngsters between the ages of 10 and 11 took part in a series of lessons being led by staff from local housing provider, Places for People, to introduce them to the concepts of communities and how they can help to make the neighbourhoods they live in successful places.

Places for People are one of the largest property management, development, and regeneration companies in the UK and manage over 3500 homes from the Milton Keynes Office. The Community Champions programme is being rolled out to a number of primary schools in areas that are managed by Places for People. 

The Community Champions programme covers issues such as:

•    What are local neighbourhoods and communities;
•    Making choices about litter, vandalism and graffiti;
•    The consequences of anti-social behaviour and neighbour nuisance, and;
•    Coping with pressure from others - and who can help.

Year 6 pupils from Broughton Fields Primary School said they learnt a lot from it.

Rhys Moffatt - I learnt that everyone has a choice - make sure it's the right one

Chloe Coupland - We thought about all the things we like and dislike in our local area.  We considered how we could help to improve the things we didn't like.
Tristan Smith - Community Champions has been an excellent learning experience.
Elliot Long - We learnt how we can help out in the community.
Zain Mughal - It's fun to help in Broughton!
Devon Perry - I learnt that if you make a hoax call it can cost lives!
Yasmin Morris - Community Champions taught us to look after our neighbourhood and community.
Jess Obee - I realised that graffiti is bad and that it is important to say no to drugs.
Hassan Ismail - Community Champions has taught me never to get involved in gang violence

Year 6 Teacher Miss Westley said “The children really enjoyed Community Champions and always looked forward to the lessons. The programme is well linked to the national curriculum and we will definitely be looking to continue this initiative with our Year 6 pupils.”

Places for People’s local Community Safety Officer, Wendy Hambidge, said,
”At Places for People we believe that helping young people learn about the importance of their
Communities will make them better places to live for everyone. The Community Champions is a fun, interactive and interesting way for youngsters to find out more and understand the contribution they can make. Over the coming years Places for People is looking to roll out this successful scheme to other schools in Milton Keynes.”

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