Nineteen hours queuing for the chance of a new home

Wed 28 Nov 2012

Hopeful house hunters queued overnight in the cold for the chance to buy a new two bedroom house from Places for People at Brooklands.

People on the highly popular community’s waiting list were told that six homes were coming onto the market and they began to stake their claim to a chance of getting hold of the keys as early as three o clock the previous afternoon.
First-time buyer, 23 year old Suzan Akbulut, was first in the queue and spent a chilly night outside waiting for the doors to open at nine thirty the next morning.  “I was so desperate to get one of the houses; I’ve been waiting a very long time and wanted to make sure I got one.  I love the houses and I love the development.  It’s a brilliant location and the properties are so much more spacious than any others I’ve seen anywhere else and they’re such good quality and very good value for money.”
Suzan sat outside the Places for People offices in her car, putting the engine on every now and again to keep warm.  “A friend of mine brought me some takeaway, water and sweets, but I didn’t want to drink too much and risk losing my place in the queue by having to dash off to the toilet.  Other people started arriving around midnight so I was really pleased I’d managed to get there before them.”
Simon Elcock from Places for People says, “It’s really encouraging that people are so keen to move to Brooklands that they’re prepared to go to such lengths and I’m really glad Suzan managed to reserve a plot after all that effort.  This is the second phase of the Brooklands project and in spite of the state of the economy there’s no sign of any drop in demand – quite the reverse in fact.  We know prospective buyers want quality at a fair price and we think that’s exactly what we’re giving them.”
If all goes to plan, Suzan will be able to move into her new home in the Spring.  If that happens she says her nineteen hour long overnight queue will have been entirely worthwhile.

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