Rouge Nose Day at The Hub

Mon 18 Feb 2013

Café Rouge is gearing up to celebrate Red Nose Day and raise loads of money for this year’s Comic Relief as one of the charity’s main partners. As well as offering a special Red Nose menu where a donation from each dish ordered goes to the charity, the restaurant is also holding a number of different events and activities over the next few weeks.

First up is ‘School Kids’ night on 22 February where all the staff will be dressed up as naughty school children and they’ll be wearing their famous server ties, but maybe not on their heads. Then how about a speed dating night with a difference where your visit to Café Rouge will be split into different stages and you spend each stage with a different person; looking at the menu, choosing your dishes, waiting for the food, eating your starter, main and dessert and so on. There might also be a 'good luck charge' for those leaving the restaurant together.

Now everyone loves the 1980s and Café Rouge will be celebrating the decade with a disco night on 7 March. Customers are positively encouraged to join in and dress up with the staff. Think big hair, spandex, and shoulder pads - the wilder the better. 50p entry fee if you're dressed up - double if you don't and spoil the party and their resident DJ will be spinning the classic 80s tunes for you to dance to after you’ve enjoyed your meal.

It all finishes off on Red Nose Day itself on 15 March with a PJs night in the restaurant.  All the staff will be dressed in their going to bed attire for the evening. Customers don't have to dress up but they might have to pay a 'charity fine' if they don’t. Customers can also join in the fun by 'singing for their supper'!

Across the next few weeks the restaurant will also be holding auctions, cake sales, wearing Red Nose Day t-shirts and loads more. Please pop in and give them your support.

To book your table at any of these events call 01908 241709.

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