Statement in response to Milton Keynes Hospital Rule 43 review

Tue 18 Dec 2012

Statement from Kirstin McIntosh and Simon Elcock in response to Milton Keynes Hospital Rule 43 review.

Since Mia’s inquest in October, we have met Milton Keynes Hospital four times, including a meeting to review their draft Rule 43 report last Friday. 

We have been encouraged by these meetings, as we feel that the hospital has been open and transparent with us, acknowledging its failures, sharing its improvements, past and planned, as well as taking on board our concerns.

Further, the hospital has invited us, and the families of Harry Mould and Calvin Prentice Aucock to work with them so that they may use our experiences to identify areas for improvement in their paediatric services as well as communications with, and support for, bereaved families. 

The hospital now recognises that listening to parents is key to better medical care for our own children.  As such, it plans to include parental concerns as a trigger for the Paediatric Early Warning System (PEWS) and to implement bedside handovers between staff, so that parents can understand and input into care for their child.

This change in attitude is very welcome, and provides us with some solace that the hospital is willing to learn from the devastating loss of our beautiful red-headed daughter.

We are hopeful that by working together with the hospital, we can make a difference for Mia, Harry and Calvin.  We can’t bring back our own children, but we are determined to ensure that other families have a better experience.

Notes for Editors

Mia Elcock died on 24th October 2011 after being admitted to Milton Keynes Hospital.  Her death was due to a heart defect which was undiagnosed by hospital staff who were treating her for pneumonia.  Coroner, Thomas Osborne, stated that there had been a “clear failure” in her treatment.

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