Student Jury deems case closed for staged ‘Murder Day’ trial

Wed 03 Jul 2013

A-Level students put their knowledge to the test during this year’s ‘Murder Day’ mystery at Milton Keynes College. 

The two-day event saw A-Level students investigate a crime scene set up by the Forensic Science students and Academic Studies tutors. The annual activity saw students from around the sixth form working together to solve the crime and bring the perpetrator to justice. The initiative, which is now in its fifth year is designed to give students an opportunity to put into practice what they have learnt in class to bridge the gap between the first year and second year of A-Levels.

On the morning of Tuesday 25th June, 2013, Forensic Science students were called to investigate the fictitious shooting of Mr Denton (a home-made dummy by the name of Legs McGonigal) in his car. Evidence was collected, preliminary tests carried out and reports were prepared for the court to be used by expert witnesses. Psychologists created criminal profiles and conducted interviews while English students wrote newspaper articles and updated a dedicated Twitter page using the hashtag #mkmurderday for everyone to keep abreast of live updates. Helping to gather further vital information, physicists examined bullet trajectories and made expert calculations to assist the police whilst GCSE Law students acted as Police, interviewing, arresting and charging suspects.

The defendant, Miss Ballistic, was charged with the murder of Mr Denton and appeared in court on Wednesday 26th June. A court room was set up with court personnel and a jury and after much deliberation and contentious debate, Miss Ballistic was released due to a majority decision not being reached. The true killer, Mr Jekyll, who had appeared as a witness for the prosecution, was revealed after the case but is at present, still at large.

Prior to the two-day event, students visited Luton Crown court to witness court etiquette to help prepare them for the case. As well as this, Roland Gray, a partner in the global commercial law practice, Denton’s which is based in Milton Keynes, came in to speak about careers within the legal sector and offer guidance to those wishing to enter into the sector.  Roland explained, “At Denton’s, we are keen to engage with local students as soon as we can”.

The Murder Day was a real success for Milton Keynes College, particularly A-Level tutor, Sharon Lambert, who previous to her time at Milton Keynes College, has worked as a forensic chemist. “I am proud to say we always create as close to an authentic event as can be achieved within our facilities.” She went on to say, “We have a great bunch of students this year involved and it’s great fun for everyone. It’s a great exercise for the students to put into practice what they have learnt throughout the year.”

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