Students Hit Fast Forward with Go-Karting Project

Thu 03 Jul 2014

Students studying in the Motor Vehicle department at Milton Keynes College have completed a year-long project to design, build and drive a Go-Kart from scratch.

The boys, all aged between fourteen and sixteen are part of the College’s Fast Forward Department and were all thrilled to reveal the Kart, named The Lawrence Mobil, to family and friends during an awards evening, following a day of test-driving in the rain at the Moggerhanger House Classic Bike Show.

Fast Forward is a part-time study programme, where the students will work collaboratively with the College while still studying at school.

For these young men, however, racing around in the rain was not the only reason the team embarked on this project.  Speaking at the Fast Forward project awards ceremony evening, Garry Capocci, Motor Vehicle Lecturer at MK College said, “This project is not just about engineering. We aim to ensure that with all of our motor vehicle projects we are incorporating maths and English into the learning environment. In addition to this, we hope to create an understanding of the functional skills required when working within the motor vehicle arena.”

It was clear to see and sense the pride from both the students and their lecturers. James Lawrence, a Motor Vehicle Technician said of this year’s team, “Through positive praise, good guidance and mentoring the confidence among the boys flourished. Testing the final product was a real highlight.”

Speaking at their end of term awards ceremony, at which the go-Kart was proudly on display, Fast Forward student Jack Flint said, “We’ve come a long way on this journey,” before a slide appeared on a projector screen that boldly stated, “We’re all friends in this workshop.”
The team from the Motor Vehicle Department were not the only heroes of the night, with special mentions going to local businesses such as Action Bright Steel, Biz Karts Ltd and Bob Bland BPF Paint Finishers for supplying materials, paints and their general support.

The awards evening came to a close with Gary Capocci announcing that the “Lawrence Mobil” would now be donated to local charity Force 5, which is located at Moggerhanger where the Kart was test Driven.

Force 5 specialises in outdoor activities, teaching craft skills and vocation skills for those learners that struggle to engage in mainstream education. Peter Stamford, director of Force 5 gave high praise to the students, and spoke of his sincere gratitude for the donation of the Go-Kart. “I am proud to be a supporter of the Motor Vehicle department at the College and this kart will be well used. I am so impressed with the quality of the work, I hope that one day some of my students can reproduce another Go-kart. We’re inspired.”

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