Top Environment Award for Brooklands, Milton Keynes

Tue 27 Jul 2010

Brooklands Ridge, designed by multi-disciplinary engineering consultant Peter Brett Associates, protects the new Places for People community at Brooklands from the noise of the motorway.  The judges were also impressed by the way the Ridge provides enhanced habitats for a myriad of creatures and plants as well as ideal recreational facilities for residents.  The Ridge was constructed from soil sourced from other local building projects, one million cubic metres in total, limiting the number of lorry journeys needed to build it.

At the awards ceremony at Lords Cricket Ground in London the judges said, “This was a well prepared submission that shows extensive environmental benefits and opportunities for further regeneration.  Provision of the ridge reduces the loss of development land, maximises the development area and land values, whilst also reducing the amount of development land required elsewhere.  The introduction of habitats and landscaping on the ridge help support biodiversity, and careful consideration of the use of this amenity creates access to open space for all.”

The award was made to designers Peter Brett Associates who worked alongside developers, Places for People.  Places for People Project Director, Simon Elcock, says, “This is a fantastic award which rightly recognises the achievement of Peter Brett Associates in constructing the ridge and we’re grateful to them for their wonderful efforts.  In years to come many thousands of people who come to live in Brooklands will benefit hugely from the ridge.  Many people have already commented that they would not know the M1 was so very close by, so successful is the ridge at absorbing the traffic noise.  This is just one of many areas where attention to detail is making this such an exciting and sustainable development.”

Michael Parkinson, Partner at Peter Brett Associates, says, “The detailed technical planning, design and engineering behind the development of Brooklands Ridge has created a new place of significance and value for Place for People and the local community. We are immensely proud of our team’s contribution.”

Jennie Cook, Planning Manager at Milton Keynes Partnership, says, “The ridge is a unique feature in Milton Keynes and its creation was essential for the delivery of housing at Brooklands. It will provide attractive open space for the new community and will include distinctive planting on the motorway side creating a chevron effect.”

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