Media Relations

We have broad and comprehensive relationships with a variety of regional, national, international and digital media.  We understand how they work, what they want and when they want it.  We are expert in identifying a news story or feature angle and comprehensively track media opportunities.  We hold regular ‘meet the media’ events for clients enabling them to forge relationships with their target journalists, ensuring that our clients become essential pundits for their industry.

Web communication is now an established tool in all media relations: we can help you optimise your website to make it more attractive, get your message across and get the most hits.  We can also help you create and maintain an organic blog that will keep your public up to date and increase your exposure on the web.

Social networks, online forums and social book-marking sites are also growing in importance.  We get your news out there through these exciting opportunities while always making your message crystal clear and relevant to your audience.

Media Training

If you need to talk to the media, you need to know how.  We have our own media training specialists who can help you get your point across to camera or in a lengthy print interview.  It is a skill and as such, needs to be honed.